Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Above The Fold

Newspaper Dresses
Newspaper Dresses Newspaper Dresses Newspaper Dresses Newspaper Dresses Newspaper Dresses Newspaper Dresses Newspaper Dresses

Newspaper dresses by Layla Azer

Designer: Layla Azer
Model: Samantha Liana
Model: Krista Adler
Makeup: Chantelle Krupka
Hair: Nadia Amir
Photo, retouch: Bruce Walker



I had a lovely test shoot with local Toronto emerging actor Patri Erdei on Thursday morning. So far Patri has had a number of background appearances in TV and film, but has no portfolio to speak of yet. She had also never shot in a studio before yesterday.

I shot several different lighting styles from ambient window through contrasty spotlight over three and a half hours. This portrait caught my eye while reviewing the days catch.

Neewer TT560 in Westcott Apollo 28" softbox C-L front; TT560 in Apollo Strip with 40 degree grid C-R behind, Pentax AF540FGZ with 1/8" Honl Speedgrid aimed at black background C-R. Silver reflector C-R.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014



I have been going through my archives of to-be-retouched and decided to go fashion-forward with this one, which dates from March 2012.

Model: Julia Hooker MM# 781034
MUA: Christine Chan
Retoucher: Bruce Walker MM #1440574

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Origami by Bruce M Walker
Origami, a photo by Bruce M Walker on Flickr.
Gavin Canning of FoldIT Creations with one of his earrings that he hand-makes from folded fine Japanese paper, at Artisans of the Metropolis.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Basic Television Principles and Servicing

This posting is a day too late to celebrate International Women's Day
as I'd intended, but it's the thought that counts, anyway. So here's a

This is one of many great left-over shots from my 2012 studio shoot
that produced the images for my series Postmodern Pinups. I'm going
through my Lr back catalog for stuff I missed and this one popped up.

I had dragged a crate of props along to the shoot, including this book
with a very colourful cover: Basic Television Principles and
Servicing, Fourth Edition, Bernard Grob, (c) 1975. It's from one of my
college courses, and I have no idea why I'm hanging onto it.

I handed it to Dee, the model, and instructed her to pretend to read
it. So she opened it up and immediately began to read aloud to us from
the chapter on Deflection Oscillators. She managed to make the
material sound quite spicy and made it very hard for us to concentrate
on shooting. I think it was the sub-section on Synchronizing the
Multivibrators that did us in.

Model/HS: Dee Steller
MUA/Wardrobe: Chantelle Krupka
Artistic Director/photo/retouch: Bruce Walker

Pentax K20D, DA* 50-135/2.8 @ f/10, 50mm, 1/160th sec, ISO 100
Two Bowens 400 W-S strobes in 3x4 softboxes; Two bare 400 W-S Bowens
strobes on backdrop.
Lr + Ps

Happy Day After International Women's Day!