Sunday, October 25, 2009

CSI Mississauga

CSI Mississauga, originally uploaded by Bruce M Walker.

A shot from my very first modeling photoshoot! Great fun for me, though hard work. Hotshoe flashes are versatile little buggers, and I was using two of them remotely. But the lack of a modelling light in the setup so one can get accurate focus is a serious impediment. I had to keep turning a small gooseneck halogen lamp on and off, and that really slowed me down.

All shots were lit by one or two Pentax AF-540FGZ flashes. In this one, the main strobe is behind a Westcott 45" shoot-through umbrella, camera-right, 1/4 power. 2nd strobe is camera-left high, snooted (rolled-up black construction paper), focused to a tight beam (58mm), 1/2 power, about 10 feet back and shooting through a screen to get that interesting background.

My model is Tina Hung, an aspiring actor/singer/dancer. Tina is practicing her "serious look" here. :-)

Model: Tina Hung
Makeup & styling: Tina and Louise Peacock

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Dusk, originally uploaded by Bruce M Walker.

1937 Dodge humpback panel truck. Taken at the final evening of a 2009 Classic Car Cruise held in the parking lot of a Harvey's (decent hamburger chain) in Oakville Ontario. Tinted duotone.

This shot almost didn't happen at all. The evening was windy and cool, variable overcast, the sun had almost set and hardly any cars had shown up by the time we arrived and had our dinner. I wandered around the lot with my kit in my bag on my back and looked rather dejectedly at the classic vehicles parked there.

I was about to suggest to my wife that we just head on home when I recalled that I told her I'd like to try silhouette shots this evening. So I sighed, hauled out my K20D and looked around for a candidate. Wait! This odd looking truck was parked 90 degrees to the lines and parallel to the horizon where the sun had now disappeared -- casting fiery orange onto the strips of clouds! Oh my!

I took 46 frames, some with fill flash, but this one was the clear standout.