Thursday, July 04, 2013

Ontario Grown

Ontario Grown by Bruce M Walker
Ontario Grown, a photo by Bruce M Walker on Flickr.
I was out location scouting for the Tres Amigas shoot when I bumped into my neighbor Iryna who I had done some portraits of way back in July 2011. She said we simply must shoot again this summer, so seizing the carpe by the diem, I arranged for her to come over on Monday.

Sadly, I didn't think to take a BTS of the setup for this. Iryna was literally boxed-in: her back is to sheer curtains with a Pentax AF540 flash behind, three white foam-core boards inches to either side and chest-high below her, Apollo 28" softbox firing down from in front and slightly above into the "box". Me shooting under the softbox from a tripod.

Pentax K20D, DA* 50-135mm/2.8 @ 135mm/F8.0, 1/160th, ISO 100;
2 x Pentax AF540FGZ flashes + Cowboy Studios wireless triggers;
Lr + Ps

Model, MUAH: Iryna
Photo/retouch: Bruce Walker

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